"A Kichin Friendsgiving"

Opening Ceremony

"Today,  Bryan Moon, head chef at the newly-opened Kichin shares the recipe for his Goguma Tempuri with Kimchi dish, which combines sweet potatoes and kimchi in one delicious bit."



"At Kichin in Brooklyn, Korean Fried Chicken and Mighty Rice Balls"

New York Times

Unpeel the wax paper and there is a fat, charred wedge of rice, prickly with bacon shards, its nori sleeve puckered from a bout on the grill. At the center is treasure: smoked Cheddar and a soft-boiled quail egg, ready to spill.



"Korean Rice Balls"

New York Magazine

Onigiri, a.k.a. omusubi, or just plain rice balls, are traditional Japanese finger food made from seasoned white rice squeezed into triangular and oval shapes and wrapped in nori. In Korea, they call them samgak kimbap.